Sásti Sisti - A pilot study of mechanical leather preparation

The project is a collaboration between Sameslöjdstiftelsen and five craftsmen living in the eastern parts of Kiruna. The goal of the project is to perform a pilot study and see if it possible to create a processes or a machine that enables environmentally friendly small scale processing and production of natural tanned leather.

There has been a increase in demand for natural tanned leather but the process of producing it is time consuming and takes a lot of effort, today it is not possible for the producers to meet the demands of the market. A lot of the reindeer skins get thrown away due to this fact. If there was a easier way to produce natural tanned leather more reindeer skins would be able to find their way to the market, and more people and companies would be able to sell reindeer skins. A machine would be beneficial for all those who work with producing natural tanned leather not just reindeer skin.

The project is financed by Jordbruksverket and Tornedalen 2020.