Formstark Norrbotten

A collaboration project with the goal of a better future by the development of arts, crafts and design.
How can design, arts and crafts create value within tourism and at the same time create more jobs within the creative industry?

By participating in the project Formstark Norrbotten, Sameslöjdstiftelsen wants help gather different competences in Norrbotten. Two differents branches is central: tourism and the professionals within design, arts and crafts. Public organisations and companies, foundations and others will also contribute to the project and the Formstark-concept.

The purpose of the project is among others to create new types of services and to develop products that are locally produced. Through this work Norrbotten have the chance of becoming an area of greater interest and attractiveness

In short this is beneficial for Sameslöjdstifelsen because this will lead to Sami arts and crafts being shown in new arenas and attract more potential customers. This will effect Sami entrepreneurs and business development in a good way.

For more information visit Formstark Norrbotten