AiR – Artist in Residence in Övre Soppero


Övre Soppero is a village recognised for it’s artist and broad variety activities. It is a village where tradition and innovation goes hand in hand. The traditional ways of Sami arts and crafts is alive and well rooted in the local companies that mainly rely on reindeer herding. Except from the traditional ways of making a living, Övre Soppero and the surrounding areas is known for its high quality silversmithing and many active smiths. Most of the the 25 companies that work with reindeer herding also produce natural tanned leather and are able to sell products that are high in demand.

Food processing and knowledge about arctic herbs and natural flavoring is a field where innovation is currently being done and will in time become its own branch of income for people living in the area.

The qualities of the village with its artists and small scale businesses is a good starting point for Artist in Residence, a collaboration between Monika Blind Påve a traditional sami silversmith and Karin Roy Andersson a designer and artist within arts and crafts. Through the residence Övre Soppero becomes a part of a international network where also Resurscentrum för Konst i Norrbotten is included.

Purpose of the project

The project shall result in both artistic inspiration and entrepreneurship in young artists within arts and crafts and also create a sense of pride and belief in the future for the village and surrounding area.

Target group for the project

Active and young artists within arts and crafts, entrepreneurs. The general public in the area. There is also an international interest in the project.