Childrens Rajd - Mánáid ráidu

Childrens Rajd - Mánáid ráidu Childrens Rajd is an appreciated material for children between 6-12 years. Through play they get to know Sami culture and how it has been formed over the years. They get to partake in everyday chores and work of the nomad Sami. Activities can include gathering of reindeers, stow the sledges and reindeers, lead the rajd and put up the cot, use traditional tools and items.

Childrens rajd consists of two scenarios based on the time when reindeers was used for transport from and to summer and winter living areas.

The material gives the children an opportunity to get a historical and cultural perspective of the Sami heritage. Through play they get knowledge about the nomad life that once was the way of life for many Samis. Childrens rajd aims to create a greater understanding for the traditional arts and crafts, material and design and how items has been shaped in coherence with everyday life.

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