Duodjimärket is the buyers insurance against plagiarism. Duodjimärket is granted to Sámi artists who have a genuine knowledge of the Sámi arts and handicrafts.

Artists can apply for the seal and is granted the use if they fulfill the set requirements. Duodjimärket is personal and each artist gets to decide if they want to place Duodjimärket on their products or not.

The purpose of Duodjimärket:

  • Guide and inform buyers of products created by Sámi artists
  • Raise the quality of Sámi crafts and arts
  • Be the guarantee of the living tradition and practice that Samí arts is
  • Protect Sámi handicrafts against plagiarism and disloyal competition
  • Products that is considered pure souvenirs and have no useful purpose are not approved

Apply for Duodjimärket

Do you want to apply for Duodjimärket? Contact us at info@sameslojdstiftelsen.com