Asa Kitok - scholarship

Since 2005 Sameslöjdstiftelsen administers a scholarship in memory of Asa Kitok. Asa helped to spread knowledge about Sámi root craft a that was almost lost in the beginning of the 1900s.

 Sámi artists within handicraft and art working in Sweden can apply for the scholarship of 50 000 SEK. The scholarship is officially presented at Jokkmokk winter market each February. Note: If you are currently enrolled in classes or programmes of crafts or arts you may not apply for the scholarship. 

Tidigare stipendiater

Karin Vasara

Stipendiat 2020

Ingemar Israelsson

Stipendiat 2020

Gunhild Tjikkom

Stipendiat 2019

Per-Stefan Idivuoma

Stipendiat 2018

Fia Kadik

Stipendiat 2017

Fredrik Prost

Stipendiat 2016

Marianne Enoksson

Stipendiat 2015

Lena Sandberg Johansson

Stipendiat 2014

Folke Fjällström

Stipendiat 2013

Nils-Johan Labba

Stipendiat 2012

Britta Marakatt-Labba

Stipendiat 2011

Randi Marainen

Stipendiat 2010

Per Aira

Stipendiat 2009

Erica Huuva

Stipendiat 2008

Solveig Labba

Stipendiat 2007

Lena Krihke Persson

Stipendiat 2006

Jon Thomas Utsi

Stipendiat 2005