About us

Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji was founded 1993 by Svenska Samernas Riksförbund och Same Ätnam. It includes entire Sweden the main point is to in the best way possible support Sami arts and crafts and to create knowledge about it and develop our cultural heritage. Sameslöjdstiftelsens task is to support the development by courses and scholarships aimed at the people active within Sami arts and crafts. Sámi Duodji shall work towards that Sami crafts is viewable in different arenas, in both a commercial and in a cultural context.

The basic idea behind Sameslöjdstiftelsen is presented in Sami Duodji - Sameslöjdsutredningen from 1989. “Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji shall be independent, be a service function and actively work with questions concerning Sami crafts”

Staff / Board

Phone: +46 (0) 971- 65 64 91

Executive manager
Johanna Njaita

Phone: +46 (0)70 591 28 93


Marknadskoordinator (Ansvarig butiken)

Juhán Niila Stålka

Phone: +46 (0)70 205 54 10


Linda Wågström Sevä

Anders Svonni
Laila Gunilla Wilks
Leila Nutti
Magnus Antaris Tuolja


Norrlands Auktionsverk

Through an exclusive collaboration with Norrlands Auktionsverk AB and estimator Johannes Linder we are able to offer free and impartial estimation of Sámi arts and crafts. Note: The free service is a verbal estimation of market value.